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Rialto Camera Extension System 2

Rialto Camera Extension System 2
Rialto Camera Extension System 2 Rialto Camera Extension System 2

The VENICE Extension System 2 (CBK-3620XS) enables cabled separation of the VENICE (6K only) or VENICE 2 (6K or 8K) camera body and image sensor block by up to 12 meter (39.3 ft) with no degradation in image quality. 

Maintains full use of the advanced features VENICE & VENICE 2 provide, such as built-in 8-step glass ND filter system, Dual Base ISO and more.

The kit consists of a camera body plate, image sensor block housing with 3-meter (9.8 2ft), and a second image sensor housing with 12 m (39.3 ft) cable (VENICE camera is not included)

The Extension System 2 also has an HD-SDI output and a 24 V output for powering accessories such as lens servo motors and monitoring. Multiple screw mounting holes on all surfaces make it easy to affix additional accessories and fit with a wide variety of rigs. 

When shooting with CBK-3620XS there's no degradation in image quality. Whether shooting with the 3 m or 12 m separation, you can be sure the image quality is the same as shooting with VENICE or VENICE 2 in standard configuration.

The Extension System 2 is fully compatible with all existing and future VENICE cameras. 

VENICE Extension System 2 is equipped with a tilt/roll sensor in the sensor housing that detects tilt/roll motion. Camera head tilt/roll data can be monitored while shooting using the monitor output on-screen display.

This data is also recorded as metadata in the MXF image files.

The camera head has four ASSIGN buttons that can be set for uses such as changing ND filter settings, in addition to REC Start/Stop. Four functions can be custom-assigned to enhance hand held operation.



Approx 2.1kg (with PL mount adapter)

Approx 1.6kg (E-mount)



Approx 2.1kg (with PL mount adapter)

Approx 1.7kg (E-mount)

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