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Sony PDW850 XDCAM Pro Broadcast Camera

Sony Professional XDCAMŽ HD422 Camcorder

Sony PDW850 XDCAM Pro Broadcast Camera

The PDW-850 is an XDCAM disc camera system with stunning image making capability, tremendous recording flexibility and versatile operational flexibility. The PDW-850 is the successor model and inherits virtually all of the features of the PDW-700 and PDW-F800 camcorders.

New CCD Imager The PDW-850 features 3 new 2/3" PowerHAD FX IT CCDs. This new generation imager offers outstanding picture quality with low noise, while keeping high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. The signal to noise ratio has been improved to 62dB, while maintaining a high sensitivity of F11@60i.
ALAC (Auto Lens Aberration Compensation) In addition to the ALAC function on XDCAM and PMW camcorders, the PDW-850 offers the addition of ALAC in the vertical direction to help correct for lateral chromatic aberration.
Universal recording The PMW-850 is capable of 50Hz or 60Hz production, enabling users to create content for worldwide clients.
Digital Extender Digital Extender is a standard feature of the PMW-850. It is capable of up to 4x magnification picture output.
HD/SD SDI and Composite “Pool Feed” Input The HD-SDI input, SD-SDI input and Composite input are now a standard feature of the PDW-850. For Composite video input, the PDW-850 utilizes the "Gen-Lock In" connector.
GPS The GPS module is mounted in the handle of the PDW-850. GPS data is presented on the side LCD panel and recorder as Metadata (HD mode only).The GPS data can be shown during playback .
Studio Camera Solution with CA/CCU The PXW-850 can be used as a studio camera. A standard 50-pin interface allows connectivity with the CA-FB70 optical fiber or CA-TX70 digital triax camera adaptor and related CCU’s to create a power studio camera system.
USB Connector The USB connector can be used in combination with the CBK-WA100 Wireless Adapter, XDCAM Proxy file recording and proxy copy from the recording. The following USB memory devices which have been confirmed in operational test USM128GQX/64GQX/32GQX/16GQX/8GQX USM64GT/32GT/16GT/8GT USM64GU/32GU/16GU/8GU/4GU Firmware version-up can be done via USB.
On Board LCD Panel The body side color LCD panel has been upgraded with a higher resolution, “transmissive” type panel with 960(H) x 540(V) (RGB) effective pixels. For comparison, the PDW-700/F800's LCD panel is 1,120(H) x 224(V). This panel allows more precise viewing of video, thumbnails and menu characters.
  • Three 2/3-inch type CCDs
  • Support for MPEG 422/420 format and SD formats (DVCAM, MPEG IMX) are supported as standard
  • Slow & Quick motion
  • 1,2,3 and 4x Digital Extender
  • High-quality four-channel audio recording
  • Compact and lightweight at 9 lb 4 oz
  • Dual HD/SD-SDI outputs and composite/HD-Y output
  • Pool-feed input HD/SD-SDI and composite
  • Ethernet interface
  • HD422 50Mbps
  • DL & SL Disc Recording
  • 1080i / 720P support for HD 422 and 420
  • 50 pin system camera interface
  • Focus Assist
  • A GPS module is supplied with the camcorder


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