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NextoDI NVS2525P Portable Video Storage Pro +

NextoDI NVS2525P Portable Video Storage Pro +

The NextoDI NVS2525 is a high speed, portable video backup device for use in the field.  You will no longer need to lug your laptop when shooting on location.  Just insert your SxS, P2, or CF card into the NVS2525—and your footage will be quickly copied onto a 750GB hard drive.  The SxS and P2 cards are inserted directly into the NVS2525, while CF and SD cards require an adapter.

The backup speed of the NVS2525 is truly impressive.  An SxS card backs up at the rate of 80MB/s---that’s MegaBytes per second—or 2x faster than backing up to a laptop!   The P2E backup speed is about 72 MB/s—again, twice as fast as backing up to a laptop. Backup from a CF card using an adpater is about 78MB/s.

The NVS2525 has the ability to simultaneously backup to both its 750GB internal hard drive—and a 750GB external hard drive.   So now you can quickly backup your valuable data by generating two copies on two separate hard drives—greatly enhancing the security of your footage.  An eSATAp external hard drive is included with the NVS2525. For additional security, the NVS2525 features a 2.4” LCD screen for verifying capture of your footage.  Just glance at the LCD screen and the low-res video clips will assure you that your footage has been successfully copied.

The Plus 1 Pack is included in the box with the NVS2525.  The Plus 1 Pack consists of:

• An external eSATAp HDD

• A rechargeable external battery that can be used  to power the NVS2525 when simultaneously backing up to both the  internal and external hard drives

• CF adapter

• Holding case for external HDD

• Carrying case

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