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Lenses / Adapters

Zeiss CP2 Five Lens Custom Set

Zeiss CP2 Five Lens Custom Set

Zeiss offers custom sets from their brand new line of Compact Prime 2 lenses.  Select five of the following lenses and the set is complete; your lenses, to your specifications, ultra-sharp, clear, and ready to shoot.

  • CP Distagon T* 15/T2.9
  • CP Distagon T* 18/T3.6
  • CP Distagon T* 21/T2.9
  • CP Distagon T* 25/T2.9
  • CP Distagon T* 25/T2.1
  • CP Distagon T* 28/T2.1
  • CP Distagon T* 35/T2.1
  • CP Planar T* 50/T1.5
  • CP Planar T* 85/T1.5
  • CP Planar T* 100/T2.1
  • CP Planar T* 135/T2.1
  • CP Planar T* MACRO 50mm/T2.1

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